My Twitch Gameshow Plans RUINED by CEO's Unexpected Cancellation | Schooled

The CEO of Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has decided to cancel a gameshow called "Schooled." The show, which was set to be hosted by well-known streamer Hasan Piker, would have featured discussions about politics and current events. However, the CEO felt that the show did not align with the company's goals and values.

The decision to cancel "Schooled" has caused some controversy within the Twitch community. Many viewers were excited about the show, as it promised to provide a space for intelligent and informed discussions. Some believe that the cancellation is a result of pressure from advertisers or a desire to avoid potential conflicts.


Twitch has not provided any specific reasons for why the show was cancelled. However, the CEO has stated that the decision was made after careful consideration of the company's mission and the content it wants to promote. The focus of Twitch is primarily on gaming and entertainment, and "Schooled" did not fit into this category.

This move by Twitch reflects a broader debate about the role of streaming platforms in providing diverse and informative content. Many viewers turn to platforms like Twitch for more than just gaming; they also seek discussions on important topics and want to connect with like-minded individuals. By cancelling "Schooled," Twitch may be limiting the variety of content it offers and potentially stifling important conversations.

On the other hand, it is also important for platforms like Twitch to maintain consistency in their programming. Deviating too far from their core purpose may lead to confusion among viewers and impact the overall user experience. It is possible that the CEO of Twitch made the decision to cancel the show in order to maintain focus on the company's main offerings.

Regardless of the reasons behind the cancellation, it is clear that some Twitch users are disappointed by the decision.


They believe that "Schooled" would have been a valuable addition to the platform, providing a space for intellectual discussions in an often chaotic digital landscape.

In conclusion, the CEO of Twitch has cancelled a gameshow called "Schooled," which was meant to feature discussions on politics and current events. The decision has sparked controversy within the Twitch community, with some viewers disappointed by the lack of diverse and informative content on the platform. The cancellation reflects a broader debate about the role of streaming platforms in offering a wider range of content to their users.