Exhausted But Surviving: Navigating the 5am Morning Routine with a Toddler and Baby


This article discusses a morning routine for parents with a toddler and a baby. The author mentions feeling tired and explains how they manage their day starting at 5 am.

The article begins by highlighting the challenges of being a parent to young children, specifically a toddler and a baby. The author expresses their exhaustion, which is a feeling many parents can relate to. Despite the fatigue, the author believes it is important to establish a morning routine to create structure and ensure a smooth start to the day.

The routine starts at 5 am, when the author's alarm goes off. They admit to hitting snooze a couple of times, but eventually force themselves out of bed.


The first step is to make a cup of coffee for an energy boost. This is essential for the tired parent to find some motivation and prepare for the busy day ahead.

The next step is to wake up the toddler, who often resists getting out of bed. The author shares that they have discovered a trick to encourage the child to wake up: they offer to read their favorite book or play with their favorite toy. This makes the toddler excited and more willing to get up.

While the toddler is waking up, the author goes to the baby's room to check on them and make sure they are comfortable. Depending on the baby's state, the author may feed them or change their diaper at this time.


The key is to attend to the baby's needs while ensuring the toddler does not feel neglected.

After taking care of the baby, the author moves on to preparing breakfast for the whole family. They ensure that the breakfast is healthy and nutritious, opting for simple options such as oatmeal or scrambled eggs. The author finds it helpful to involve the toddler in the breakfast preparation process, making them feel included and fostering their independence.

Once breakfast is ready, the family eats together. The author emphasizes the importance of sitting down as a family and enjoying this time together.


It allows for bonding and creates a positive atmosphere to start the day.

As the morning routine continues, the author focuses on getting themselves and the children dressed for the day. This involves coordinating outfits, brushing teeth, and combing hair. The author mentions that this step can be challenging, as toddlers tend to have their own ideas about what they want to wear.

In conclusion, the article highlights the struggles of parenting young children and the exhaustion that comes with it. However, the author emphasizes the importance of establishing a morning routine to provide structure and a smooth start to the day.


This routine includes waking up at 5 am, having a cup of coffee, waking up the toddler while offering them something they enjoy, attending to the baby's needs, and preparing and eating breakfast together. The author also emphasizes the challenge of getting dressed in the morning. Overall, the routine aims to create a positive and enjoyable start to the day for both the parents and the children.