Master Easy, Textured Waves: A Step-by-Step Guide for Fine, Thick, Wavy Hair | Part 2


This article provides a tutorial on how to achieve effortless textured waves for those with fine, thick, wavy hair. The article is divided into two parts, with this being part two.

The tutorial begins by preparing the hair with a heat protectant spray to avoid any damage from styling tools. It is important to evenly distribute the spray throughout the hair. Next, the author recommends using a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel to create the waves. The hair should be divided into smaller sections to ensure each strand is properly curled.

The technique for creating the waves involves curling the hair away from the face.


Starting from the middle of the hair shaft, the curling iron is wrapped around the section and held for a few seconds before releasing. This process is repeated for all the sections of hair until the entire head is curled.

To give the waves a more textured and effortless look, the author suggests using a comb to gently comb through the curls. This separates the curls and makes them appear more natural and undone. Additionally, flipping the head upside down and shaking the hair also helps in achieving this effortless texture.

To ensure the waves last longer, the author recommends using a hairspray to set the style.


It is advised to spray the hair from a distance to avoid any stiffness. The article also suggests using a texturizing spray to add more volume and texture to the waves.

To conclude the tutorial, the author advises against brushing or combing the hair too much after styling to prevent the waves from coming undone. Instead, it is suggested to use fingers or a wide-toothed comb to gently style the hair.

In summary, this tutorial outlines a step-by-step process for creating effortless textured waves for fine, thick, wavy hair. The key steps include preparing the hair with a heat protectant spray, using a curling iron to create the waves, combing through the curls for a more natural look, and setting the style with hairspray. By following these steps, one can achieve beautiful, textured waves that last.